News | May 26, 2022

“Lead Battery Recycling Industry: Empowering Responsible Recycling” Video Wins Platinum Viddy Award

We are excited to announce that our industry was recently recognized for our efforts to communicate our mission and values – as well as the positive impact of what we do – in engaging and informative ways.

We collaborated with our members and marketing agency, Activated Growth, to develop a video that communicates the commitment of the association’s members to promoting the highest standards in lead battery recycling and, by extension, to environmental, worker and community protection. That video, “Lead Battery Recycling Industry: Empowering Responsible Recycling,” recently won a Platinum Award from Viddy for excellence in non-broadcast, short-form videos for the Web.

“We’re excited to use this video to communicate our unique story visually,” said Rick Leiby, president of ABR. “Most people are not aware of the sustainable impact of our industry and the essential role our recycling facilities have in ensuring we have the raw materials our country needs through responsible recycling.”

The video explores the sustainable and circular nature of lead batteries, highlighting the recycling industry’s critical role in ensuring that lead batteries do not end up in landfills. Instead the industry ensures that 99% of lead batteries are recycled and the valuable materials are captured and processed to support the manufacturing of new batteries. Intended to inform and educate, the video effectively conveys the benefits of the industry to the U.S. economy, job creation, domestic manufacturing and national security – all in just two minutes.

The video is watchable here.


About Viddy Awards

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