United For The Safe, Responsible Processing Of Spent Lead Batteries

For over 40 years, protecting people and the planet have been the driving principles behind the Association of Battery Recyclers and its dedicated members.

sustainable + environmentally responsible + cost-effective recycling

What happens to a car battery when it reaches the end of its life? We give it new life. Using advanced lead battery recycling processes, we turn spent batteries into new ones for cars, forklifts, golf carts and energy storage solutions essential for collecting wind and solar power.

Every year, members of the Association of Battery Recyclers recover 99% of the material in spent lead batteries. That makes America safer, cleaner and stronger.

Did You Know?

110 Million Batteries

Our members recycle over 110 million spent batteries annually.


In North America, 99% of all lead batteries are recycled. This represents the highest recycle rate of any consumer product.

1.7 Million Tons

The ABR keeps over 1.7 million tons of lead out of landfills annually.