Our Green Story

Association of Battery Recyclers

The members of our national trade association hail from all corners of North America. Yet, we share the same mission: To follow the highest standards in lead battery recycling for the safety of our communities, employees and the environment. For over 40 years, the Association has proudly represented the lead recycling industry. Collectively, we maintain an unwavering dedication to environmental and community responsibility by complying with all applicable laws, regulations and best practices.

ABR members are committed to:

  • Safe and environmentally responsible recycling of lead batteries
  • Providing a sustainable life cycle
  • Protecting our valuable natural resources
  • Providing green, technology-driven jobs
  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees
  • Adhering to the strictest standards to protect the environment and public health
  • Complying with all environment, health and safety regulations

Power today. Greener tomorrow.

Recycling protects the earth and preserves natural resources. The ABR keeps over 1.7 million tons of batteries out of landfills annually.

Responsible processing of spent lead batteries by ABR members:

  • Eliminates the threat of improper disposal of harmful materials into the environment
  • Reduces the use of natural resources
  • Protecting our valuable natural resources
  • Is sustainable and cost effective
  • Creates thousands of green jobs

Spent lead batteries have the highest recycling rate of any consumer product.











Membership Information

Members include auto and industrial battery recyclers, battery manufacturers, fabricators, consumers of recycled lead, and suppliers and consultants who play a role in the industry. All members agree to share information relative to environmental policies and controls, as well as best practices and measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public.

Membership in the Association includes timely communications about regulatory matters affecting the industry, the potential influence of legislation through a shared voice of the Association, and an invitation to attend semi-annual association meetings. Semi-annual meetings include networking opportunities and presentations covering technical, industry and regulatory topics.

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