News | July 6, 2022

The Lead Battery Recycling Industry: Working Together to Ensure Safety and Efficiency

Lead battery recycling industry working together to ensure safety and efficiency

ABR’s Spring Meeting Brings Industry Leaders Together

Representatives from ABR’s member companies recently came together for our annual Spring Meeting. As part of our industry commitment to empowering responsible recycling, we host in-person conferences to foster collaboration and sharing of ideas, best practices and the latest innovations.

Continuous Investment in Safety and Air Quality

This year, the focus was on employee safety and innovative technology to help protect the environment. Jeramy LeMieux, Vice President of EHS at Clarios, spoke about the Clarios blood lead level reduction program. Chris Rutherford, Manager of Environmental Services at Sanders/KW Plastics, talked about new equipment they’ve recently installed to desulphurize flue gas.

Using Data to Help Lower Blood Lead Levels

At Clarios, Jeramy LeMieux is using insights drawn from new ways of looking at employee data to reduce blood lead levels across all locations. “Our focus is to utilize proven solutions, data, and analytics to continuously drive progress,” said LeMieux. In his presentation, he detailed how he analyzed data to find a way to decrease blood lead levels beyond what was previously thought possible, starting with answers to the questions of why some employees and some locations experienced higher blood lead levels. Giving employees enough time and a space where they are comfortable to use the proper hygiene turned out to be key. “If you make a commitment to your workforce and put these fundamentals in place, it will be easier to promote hygiene,” said LeMieux.

Clarios battery recycling guiding principles

Meeting – and Surpassing – Desulphurization Requirements

Sanders/KW Plastics has a long history of safely and successfully recycling lead batteries. Chris Rutherford shared details about their latest equipment and process improvements that benefit the environment. Recently the company introduced a new desulphurization unit at its facility as part of its commitment to environmental stewardship. A flue gas desulphurization (FGD) processing unit, generally known as a scrubber, virtually eliminates sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the exhaust flue gases. In addition to removing SO2 from the air, their process retrieves and reuses the by-products for fertilizer production. This sustainable solution produces approximately 50 tons of fertilizer product per day and is distributed to the agriculture industry.

Sanders battery recycling desulphurization

Collaborating for Continuous Improvement

“Our member companies continuously collaborate and share environmental, health and safety best practices to collectively advance the industry as a whole,” said ABR General Counsel Mark DeLaquil. Strong member engagement in our biannual meetings is an essential piece of this commitment to continuous improvement through collaboration.

“Bringing dedicated professionals together in person to share what they’ve learned can be more than informational – it’s truly inspiring.”

We look forward to continuing our focus and commitment to safe, responsible recycling to make our communities stronger and our future more sustainable at our ABR Fall Meeting.