Lead Based Batteries Continues Near-Perfect Recycling Rate.

Essential Energy Everyday and Battery Council International (BCI) released their new National Recycling Rate Study showing lead batteries with a 99.3 percent recycling rate. The near-perfect rate of recycling is attributed to industry investment in a state-of-the-art closed-loop collection and recycling system that keeps 1.7 million tons of batteries our of landfills annually.

The new study confirms the commitment of the lead battery industry to provide safe, sustainable energy storage. As the most accessible highly-sustainable battery technology, lead batteries’ innovation applications also reduce CO2 emissions in vehicles through start-stop battery technology, help power hybrid and electric vehicles and enable smart grid technology that improves the reliability of wind and solar farms.

“Our goal is to recycle and reuse as many batteries as possible as part of our commitment to provide an environmentally-friendly source of energy storage,” said Mark Thorsby, executive vice president of BCI.

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International Lead Association (ILA) has released a statement on the European Union (EU) Battery Summit, agreeing that “there is an urgent need for a clear European framework that supports innovation in battery technology.  But this must recognize and support the future potential for all battery types, including lead batteries.”

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